The curriculum will help you develop skills required in all aspects of data analytics, with flexibility to allow different interests. Courses offered during each semester are listed below. Associated links with the course titles provide brief information about the course content, the mission and scope of the course, and the skills acquired by the participant upon the completion of the course. Toward fulfillment of the degree requirements, students are expected to select 4 courses out of 6 electives in the Spring term, and 2 courses (in addition to the Term Project) out of 3 electives in the Summer Term.

First day of classes for the Academic Year of 2021-2022: October 2021


Course Name
DA 501 Introduction to Data Analytics
DA 503 Applied Statistics
DA 505 Introduction to Data Modeling and Processing
DA 507 Modeling and Optimization


Course Name
DA 512 Big Data Processing using Hadoop (Elective)
DA 513 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
DA 514 Machine Learning I (Elective)
DA 518 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization (Elective)
DA 517 Machine Learning II (Elective)
DA 516 Social Network Analysis (Elective)
DA 515 Practical Case Studies in Data Analytics (Elective)
DA 522 Information Law and Data Ethics (Elective)
DA 525 Project Management and Business Communication (Elective)
IT 542 Big Data Processing using Hadoop (Elective)
DA 592 Term Project (Non-credit)

Courses offered in the past

Course Name
DA 519 Data and Systems (Elective)
DA 520 Data Privacy and Security (Elective)

The courses will be given by Sabancı University faculty members who work in many different areas of Data Analytics, together with senior executives, managers and leaders from related business areas to improve the knowledge-base and practical skills the participants need.